Roof with no roof

    Atrium roof glazing consists of multiple rows of longlights or ridgelights, supported only by structural beams, forming large glazed areas.  

    composing atrium using VELUX modular skylights

    Række af lysbånd, der indgår i atriumløsningen
      Atriums servicebro


    Full functionality
    Designing the atrium by using rows of either Longlights or Ridgelights will help you benefit from all the functionalities offered by the VELUX Modular Skylights, such as integrated chain actuators, blinds and low pitch. The comprehensive functionality makes your atrium perform much better than most traditional roof glazing.

    Please note that the supporting sub-structure of the Atrium is up to constructional consecrations and not supplied by the VELUX Group.



    The valley gutter between the rows of skylights offers easy access to external maintenance and cleaning of the skylights.